I am broken and worn my head is hanging and my voice is hoarse…Braticus is visiting. He seems to fly through my home more often than not these days leaving destruction in his wake and me a quivering mess in the corner. I have no control around him and spend hours like a screaming Banshee before ringing for reinforcements. He throws everything, toys books himself , he stomps and shouts there is no volume button with Braticus. He doesnt help with jobs and jumps on my furniture, wont put toys away or eat the food i make. The very worst though is he wont sleep he screams and cries and gets in and out of bed he wakes the baby and brings me to my knees eventually though it goes quiet and when i summon the courage to look Braticus is gone. My beautiful boy left in his place his sweet breath puffing his cheeks in sleep


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Coming down

I hate cleaning up christmas decorations i also hate putting them up its the bit in the middle i like where i get to look at how pretty they are and have others comment on how nice they look. Well today i took them down i have spent a week psyching myself up to do it and i finally bit the bullet. 12 hours…thats how long it took working around a curious 1 year old making sure everything went back in the right boxes ugh thankgod i have a full year to recover. It was only 2 years ago when my mother came to my house to see my bare christmas tree standing in the window that she ask why i hadnt decorated it for 2 weeks. i explained to her that as she had taught me when i was younger the tree was “settling” before i decorated, laughing at me she explained that she made up this lie to put off decorating. Now i understand…Goodnight…xxx

3 comments January 2, 2010

Opening the gates

Ok a blog how often i will get to write here who knows but since i am at the computer so often i may as well give it a go. unfortunately tonight this is it i am so exhausted i need to sleep while i have the chance. goodnight…xxx

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